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Ultra-Long Life

Due to the lack of electrodes Induction systems typically have a rated life of 80,000 to 100,000 hours depending on the light model, making them the perfect choice for hard-to-reach indoor or outdoor applications.

High Efficiency

Induction lights are environmentally friendly as they use less energy, and generally use less mercury per hour of operation over conventional lighting due to their long lifespan. The mercury is in a solid form and can be easily recovered if the light is broken, or for recycling at end-of-life. These benefits offer cost savings of around 50% in energy and maintenance costs compared to other types of lighting that they replace.

  1. Very high energy conversion efficiency of between 72 and 90 Lumens/Watt (higher wattage lights are more energy efficient)
  2. High power factor due to the low loss in high frequency electronic ballasts which are 98% efficient Minimal lumen depreciation (declining light output with age) compared to other lamp types as filament evaporation and depletion is absent
  3. ”Instant-on” and hot re-strike, unlike most conventional lamps used in commercial/industrial lighting applications (i.e. Sodium and Metal Halides)

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Reduced energy and maintenance costs make induction lighting a practical solution where large areas of illumination are needed.

Outstanding Colour Performance

Induction lighting produces high quality light in a variety of colour temperatures. There’s no shift over lamp life, high 80+ colour rendering.

High Reliability

Instant hot and cold start-up and re-start. Because its light output is not significantly influenced by ambient temperature, the induction light can start at very low temperatures, maintaining at least 85% of nominal lumens.

Stable Light Output

Relatively insensitive to line voltage fluctuations, its light output remains constant over a wide range of fluctuating input voltages.

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