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With ever-increasing energy prices and new tax penalties on CO2 emissions, plus the added burden of high operating costs and meeting safety standards, there’s never been a better time to switch to LED lighting.

LED lighting technology is the future of lighting. The light output and efficiency of LED now far exceeds that of both fluorescent and halogen lighting, both of which can be replaced with LED energy saving equivalents. And what’s more, in most cases switching to LED requires only a simple direct lamp replacement, without the need for any additional or special fittings.

LED lighting by LSUK is the latest generation technology and commercial quality and is not to be compared with older models of LED lights, often purchased at low-budget prices on the internet or from major DIY/Retail stores with undeliverable promises.

Electricity Savings
Upto 90% less power is consumed by LED over halogen, compact-fluorescent or incandescent.
Low Maintenance
LED lamps are maintenance free and have a long life-span, meaning there are no extra or hidden costs during their life-span associated with maintenance or arranging replacements. This is particularly beneficial if you have a large number of lamps in hard-to-reach areas, or enclosed in specialist light fittings. Simply fit and forget!
Long Life
LED lighting can last up to 50 times longer than halogen, compact fluorescent or incandescent - that could be 20 years!
The long-life span of LED lighting means no more unsightly lighting failures, this is more aesthetically pleasing in customer facing environments.
Simple Installation
The majority of LSUK LED lamps are a direct lamp swap, and can be fitted by your own staff. Larger fittings may require an electrical contractor to complete the installation, however, ALL of our LED lighting products are a direct replacment solution and only take minutes to install.
Range of Colour Temperatures
LSUK LED lighting is supplied in a broad colour temperature range - from 2000K (warm white) up to 7000K (cool white), so you can colour match your lighting to suit the ambience of your commercial environment.
Instant On
LED lighting instantly switches on without any delays or annoying wait for the lamp to reach full brightness. Not only that, LED also has a high tolerance to constant on/off switching, making them stable at all times.
Most LED lamps and fittings are fully compatible for dimmer switches.
Choice of Beam Angles
Many LED lamps and fittings come with beam angles ranging from 20° to 80° to focus light spread on specific areas.
Reduced Co2
LED has great green credentials, emitting only a fraction of Co2 compared to incandescent, halogen, metal halide and compact fluorescent lighting. This is great news for all business sectors, where the need to reduce co2 tax is important.
Reduced Heat Output
The operating temperature of each individual LED lamp is reduced from around 250˚F to 50˚F, which in turn offers the following benefits to your commercial environment:

• No tarnishing or heat damage to products or merchandise in displays stands or storage areas; no heat damage to surrounding décor, such as wall paper, lamp shades, curtains or blinds. This reduces fire risk and in-turn your insurance costs.

• Eliminates personal injury risks - i.e. burns from coming into contact with a lamp.

• Reduced air conditioning costs during the warmer months thus making a more comfortable working environment.
No Pollution
LED contains no Mercury or other chemicals, this means at the end of its life, LED can be disposed of with normal waste, unlike all other types of lighting, which require specialist disposal due to the harmful chemical components they contain. Additionally, LED lighting does not emit UV, so it will not fade or damage fabric or furnishings in its immediate surroundings.

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